Recruitment process coding tasks

I recently participated in recruitment coding skill test. In this post, I want to share with you what I had to code to get the job done.

Please bear in mind that code on GitHub is after some refactoring. The original code was slightly different but did the same job most likely the same way. I was under time stress I had to describe what I am doing, to the person who was interviewing me, that was viewing my screen.

The tasks was:

  1. Compare Set1_1 with Set1_2.
    Return not-matched results.
  2. Merge Set1_1 with Set1_2.
    Return combined results.
  3. Find any person from Set2 with a name that is the result of #2.

Three .csv files was given with names like: Set1_1.csv, Set1_2.csv, Set2.csv

As you can see not much was written up in a description. I think the key point here was to start asking questions in a proper way to get an understanding of the tasks.

To accomplish that:

  • I was given 60 minutes to solve it.
  • The coding interviewer was seeing my screen via skype screen share.
  • I could use the internet, my own tools and programming languages I like too (but most likely it was all about C#)

So what I did? I wrote a simple console app that did the job. Check link below for the code.

To sum up:

I finished all three tasks in 1 hour 10 minutes. The overall score given to me by the interviewer at the end was 8/10. Which is a very high score in my opinion. It was very stressful and fun at some point for me as I never been in such situation. However, I am very happy with the outcome I ended up.

You can find code here:—coding-tasks