Another pass is pass for Security+

Last Friday I passed CompTia Security+ certification at first attempt, result was poor 790 (750 is pass) … but pass is pass :)

I had a extended time as I am not native English speaker.
I just got two easy performance based questions, one was firewall configuration, second different authentication types.
Most questions were hard and had a lot of doubts getting one correct answer and to be sure about my choice. I used all my time I got.

I was preparing 3 months but slowly without rush while working and other everyday life stuff

Materials I used from most used to least used:

1. Darril Gibson ebook – I read it once then after I was using it as a reference while doing tests. Very good material to learn from.
2. – tons of test questions that will prepare and other goodies (it actually from the same author as ebook)
3. Mobile App (iOS) CompTia Security+ Sy0-401 Exam Prep by LearnZapp – good set of test practice questions and flashcards on all topics covered in this app, use it a lot while not close to computer.
4. Professor Messer videos on YouTube – good material watched some hardest topics for me, but didn’t watch all of them.
5. ExamCompass | CompTIA Certification Practice Exams – good set of practice tests
6. gtslearning’s online learning and course support site – I got the curse from them but after I got all what I needed from Daril ebook and his premium content I didn’t use it much.
7. CertMaster – you get this in boundle with retake voucher when buy exam, I didn’t use it much, had a bad experience from this after passing Linux+
8. This forum test, and I was reading posts similar to this about pass, this actually helped me to decide about what materials to buy for self learning

What next?
Thinking about CEH, but my ultimate goal is OSCP but I am not confident enough for OSCP yet. I would like to be more a defender type (blue team). Any ideas about which cert  to pursue in security area are very welcome :)

Why I am learning this stuff? I’d would love to land a job in IT security area, but its hard to switch from my current job type (.net programmer – implementations engineer) (especially where I live) to get similar salary as there is not much this types of job offers (and especially remote) as mine.

Thanks for reading.